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Vortex Premium Collection Movie 2: Aeterna and the Luxurious Trip is a 2018 Japanese-Indonesian fantasy romantic drama film directed by Greg Berlanti and Michael Bay, in collaboration of Vortex.

The film was released as a part of launching Vortex's second premium concept car, Aeterna in 15 June 2018 at the same time.

The light novel adaptation has released in 15 October 2018, published by Dengeki Bunko.


Alice's luxury sedan is broken down. She goes to Vortex Headquarters to revamped her car into new look, new design and luxurious sedan Aeterna. Here, Shakespeare's spirit possesses Aeterna to make more luxurious. Alice takes his boyfriend, Kevin to takes a trip to Europe. At their final trip, Kevin proposes Alice to get married together. Shakespeare's spirit now becomes visible to everybody.

In front of Alice and Kevin, Shakespeare's spirit goes to say goodbye, which makes he becomes free and he ascends to heaven, with Alice and Kevin living a happy life afterwards.


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  • Zara Larsson as Alice Ackerman
  • Josh Hutcherson as Kevin Kretschmann
  • Hugh Jackman as William Shakespeare


This movie was remastered in 2019, and adding new song by CTS, Spring Day.


CTS X 2018 Vortex Aeterna - Spring Day