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2023 Kadokawa Affinity is an electric car which based on Suzuki Alto/Mazda Carol (HA36S). This electric car has design language, "Low Poly Design", premium interior design, 6-Spoke Wheels, LED lights, the UK quality leather seats, trunk with double speakers, and many more!

This car was badged and sold as both a Toyota, a Nissan, a Mazda, a Mitsubishi, and a Subaru in Japan, and a Pontiac in the United States and Korea.

The function is: MP3 and PlayStation compatible and fast rechargable which makes you fun of music and games.


In Japan, Karen Kujo from Kinmoza becomes the real-life brand ambassador.


Affinity was available at Kadokawa ASCII Media Works's Dengeki Dealer, Media Factory's MFJ Dealer, and Kadokawa's Sneaker Dealer.